Is an Online Degree in Game Design Right for Me?

Online Degree in Game Design

Online degrees are a great fit for computer-based degrees like video game programming. As technology advances, online programs have become more and more common and more and more sophisticated. Taking a course online is more like taking a course in a brick-and-mortar school all the time. However, an online degree is not right for everyone. Think about some of these important considerations before deciding if you want to go down this road.


Working independently as a online learner means being your own task master. No one is going to tell you when to take care of your classwork, study, or work on projects. You have to figure out your own schedule for all these things and juggle them with your “real life” schedule.

When you go to a traditional school, you have a schedule to follow. You show up when they tell you to, interacting with the teacher and other students. You are forced into a pattern of behavior that (often) contributes to success. However, when you are learning online, you don’t get many of these interactions. Advances in the online learning platforms used to power online degrees are becoming more sophisticated, however, allowing for things like virtual classrooms, face-to-face meetings, and live chat.

Tech-Savvy Communicator

It goes without saying that you should be tech savvy if you want to make it in this field. In video game programming, your knowledge and skill with computers will be your bread and butter.

However, while you are still learning the ropes you may still be a little rusty. If you go to a brick-and-mortar school, then you know you can always approach your instructor or other students when you run into a software or hardware snag.

Working remotely in an online degree program, you need to rely on yourself to figure problems out as they arise. You need to be proficient and comfortable with communication online via email, chat messaging, and whatever other specialized electronic forms of communication the learning plaform may have (forums, Dropbox, etc.).


Many people turn to online degree programs because there are no schools in their local area that offer the programs they want. Video game programming schools are cropping up all over the country, usually under the umbrella of “technical art and design” schools or just general “computer schools.” Not all of these places are reputable, however.

If you’ve examined your local schools and none of them impress you or instill you with much faith, then turning to an online degree program for video game programming could be a smart move. When you are building a foundation for your future with an education like this, you need to know that your schools is going to give you the skills you need and not end up just a waste of time and money.

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