Five Teams Ready For Action In PSL Second Season

PSL has five teams of contenders who battled and demonstrated that they could win and give a challenge to other when they have merely in a hurry to their adventure of progress.

Islamabad United:

A group of Islamabad battled with the genuine inclination and won the first flavor of PSL. This group is in the grip of “MisbahulHaq” and played exceptionally well. Each group has the soul to win, yet this group demonstrated it every power and their work. It has delighted in vast abilities like batting and knocking down some pins. This present group’s bright star is Shayne Watson; every player has made this achievement conceivable by buckling down with genuineness.

UAE capital wander has paid $15 million for Islamabad in the occasion and earned a massive incentive with the win of Islamabad United.

Karachi Kings:

This group has been a danger to the match for each restricting group given its best players. It comprises of world class players of cricket like Imad Hassan, Hassan, and Ravi Bopara who made Karachi King look sufficiently robust. Despite the fact that their matches were exceptionally energizing and inquisitive, they demonstrated their attitudes because of which they are known as world-class players.

ARY Digital has succumbed to it for Pinnacle sum among every one of the groups which are $26 million. They didn’t win, yet they demonstrated that they are hard to beat.

Peshawar Zalmi:

Under the union of Boom Shahid Afridi, fans upheld this group with full energy. Their preparation was appalling, and criteria of the determination made everybody stressed. Peshawar Zalmi met an enormous rundown of fans around it with the little arrival of the name of Shahid Afridi. Before the beginning of the battle, every single fanatic of Shahid for recounted its triumphant; however, their endeavors and preparing were very little serious as Islamabad United.

Lahore Qalandars:

Pakistan ODI commander who has never appeared to be in any worldwide T20 driven Lahore Calendars. They have made a request to come into next T20 competition in March when they will be prepared to contend other energizing groups. They have begun chipping away at their matches which will choose their destiny without further ado, and Azhar Ali is dealing with their best method for educating from now.

Quetta Gladiators:

Quetta Gladiators are working under the control of Pakistan’s Wicket-guardian and batsman “Sarfraz Ahmad.” This group was known as Underdog of the occasion, and due to its best batsman group, individuals called this current cooperative person’ to be the dim stallions of future.

What’s going to happen in 2017:

The administration chose to include more players in the competition of 2017. The PSL draft for 2017 will happen on October nineteenth of this year, and like the most recent year, players arranged into five gatherings. Precious stone, gold, platinum, silver and developing. The last meeting is much noteworthy as the players of this group ought to be below 23 years former as on January first, 2017. There has likewise arranged 9% expansion in the pay rates of players.

Pakistan cricket board has reported that the Newzealand legend Brendon and English T20 captain Eoin have officially dedicated to playing in the competition. Additionally, it is normal that more than many quality signings have been made for the draft and will be uncovered noise the coming days. SO only prepare for new enterprises and happenings in PSL association in the coming year.

For More Updates Watch: PSL Live

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Conan Exiles – It Is an Open-World Survival Video Game, Battle against a Ruthless Environment, Hazardous Monsters and Cruel Enemies


Funcom has been a well-known video game developer. It has developed a number of best video games by 1993. Recently, it is working on Conan Exiles that is an open end survival game for multiple gaming devices like PC, Xbox One, Smartphone, Tablets and PlayStation 4. Conan Exiles has been set in Conan the Barbarian world where a battle for survival would be started against the enemies. Video game players have been waiting impatiently for the release date of this game. The game has been loaded with plenty of features and endless adventure that develop more interest among players at waiting. Conan Exiles offers players to play it in both modes; online and offline.

Script/Game Summary:

Script or story of Conan Exiles is little different from rest of video games developed by Funcom as well as other game developers in the world. Single and multiple players can play this game on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Basically, the main character of the game with friends makes efforts to survive against the enemies who aim to occupy their land. Survival is possible through a terrible war with friends and there are three major motives of player (you) are to survive, build own kingdom and dominate the land. Players need to follow their own ways to survive, build and dominate in the game just to get a victory over enemies.

Release Date:

Early access to PC and Xbox One was started in spring of 2016, while official release date of Conan Exiles was January 31, 2017. However, the unfinished version of the game for PlayStation 4 would be available in spring 2017. PlayStation 4 by Sony does not allow the players early access to the game. Anyhow, video games players are panic to play this game.

Cost of Game per Slot:

Many video gaming websites and companies are offering the lowest rate per slot of Conan Exiles. The rate of Conan Exiles per slot starts from $0.85, while the price for PC and Xbox One is almost $29. The price of the game for PlayStation 4 in spring 2017 will be introduced soon.

Supported Devices to Play the Game:

Initially, Conan Exiles is accessible at PC and Xbox One. Later on, it will be available at PlayStation 4 and Smartphone devices having iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows as operating systems. However, the systematic requirements are compulsory for all these devices to play Conan Exiles.

System Requirements:

Every video game requires specific hardware in gaming devices. If your system does not meet recommended requirements, then you will be unable to play the game. System requirements for Conan Exiles have been classified into two major types as given in following.

1) Minimum Requirements:

Minimum system requirements for a PC to play Conan Exiles are;

  • 0 GHz Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Info CPU speed
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 Operating Systems (64 Bits Only)
  • 2 GB Nvidia GTX 660 GeForce or AMD equivalent video card
  • 35 GB hard disk space is needed etc.

2) Recommended Requirements:

Recommended system requirements for a PC to play Conan Exiles offline or online will be;

  • 0 GHZ Intel Core i5/i7 or equivalent AMD processor
  • RAM is up to 8 GB
  • System/PC speed is Info
  • Windows 7, 8 & 10 with 64 bits OS
  • 35 GB hard drive space
  • GTX 1070 Nvidia GeForce or equivalent AMD video card etc.

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What Makes a Good Video Game Designer?

Video game designers need to walk a find line. They balance technical skills like programming for physics and AI with artistic sensibilities when creating backgrounds and realistic characters. As a mix of elements, they are also called upon to embody a wide array of qualities. Different video game designers will display these qualities in different amounts, but everyone needs at least a little bit (plus a whole lot of other skills, talents, and traits).


This probably goes without saying. As a video game designer, you are bringing to life a rich, full, interactive world for gamers to enter and ultimately lose themselves in. You need the creativity to merge your hard skills with the vision that the game creators have in mind. If you are an artist, you need to use your sensibilities to nail down the concepts outlined for you in an internally consistent way.

You also need to use your creative powers when something goes wrong in the development process. Like a hero in a game overcoming an obstacle, you need to use your wits and skills to figure out how to surmount it.

Quality Control

Bad video games get churned out all the time for people to make a fast buck. Let’s not make any more, okay? Every member of the development team has an important role to play. They can choose to make their work the best it can be, or just “phone it in.” When someone’s not giving it their all, it really shows, and can just ruin the gameplay experience, dropping the gamer right out of the world.

Quality control in the world of video game programming means doing your part to craft a world that brings to life the story and characters to life. It also means watching out for your team mates: letting them know when something doesn’t seem quite right, or when some code didn’t compile right ( Preventing problems before they even start is the best way to ensure a great game and an efficient team.


With the advent of “app games” and lighter, more dynamic types of gaming experiences, it’s becoming easier and easier for one or two people to produce a working game. However, when it comes to big-name titles, you will still need to work with a team in order to make something happen.

There’s a background team, character team, the AI people, the voice director, writers, physics programmers. Have you ever watched the credits at the end of a game? They go on forever! If you can’t work as part of a team, then you’re going to have trouble making it far in this business.

Be prepared to compromise, to pitch in with people you might not necessarily like, and do things that aren’t necessarily in your job description, all in the name of making something great.

Being part of a team can also be fun! Video game programmer offices are often full of gamers and other fun-loving people who socialize and party when not on the clock (remember LAN parties?!).

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Different Roles in Video Game Programming

It takes a lot of different people to make a video game happen. Some people work behind the scenes, coming up with concepts, fleshing out the story, and writing dialogue. They pass these elements on to the team that will build the game proper. This team consists of artists and programmers skilled in various elements of video game programming who bring ideas to life.

Background Artist

Background artists are specialized artists who literally build the world in which the game will take place. As a background artist, you need to have a keen understanding of the atmosphere and tone of the game as a whole, and specifically, the concept that should be conveyed at various times. The first time through an area or level, the characters may be young and hopeful, with the landscape rendered in bright colors. Later, after a cataclysm, they may return to see that same area scarred by war and destruction. It’s your job to keep the style and content consistent so that the player can remain immersed in the world.

Character Artist

If you spent endless hours in school doodling in the margins of your notebooks, creating heroes and monsters to take part in epic battles and noble quests, then you might be well suited to be a character artist. Characters really need to come alive for the player. Their movements and gear must be realistic and facial expressions true to life. Nothing takes a gamer out of the experience more than a character who is yelling out a warning with a perfectly straight face. You can deliver realistic characters to the next generation of gamers.

AI Programmer

The player characters are important, but so are the non-player-controlled characters (NPC). These are almost more important in some ways, as they help flesh out the world of the game. If you have a great character in a brilliant world with an awesome story to play out, but the NPCs all act like idiots or do things that make no sense, then the game will ultimately fall flat. Video game programming has made leaps and bounds in recent years, allowing more sophisticated enemies and allies for gamers.

Physics/Environment Programmer

Good characters and background are all that goes into a good game. They need to interact with each other and the world at large in a realistic way. This aspect of video game programming is always undergoing advances. Some programmers even develop “physics engines,” which set the rules for how everything in the world operates: how fast things fall, what happens when to objects bump into each other. Smoothing out these kinds of issues is critical to building a good game.

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5 Factors Sport Men Should Consider In His Career

A strong emphasis is placed on sports these days. Worldwide competitions being held are an indication of the importance of sports. There are not only health benefits associated with it, but monetary as well. With everything being commercialized in this day and age, industries and associations are earning millions through promoting sports in every possible manner. Whatever sport it is, people watch it with immense interest and excitement. 2014 FIFA World Cup reached massive 3.2 billion viewers! The significance of sports, whether it is about watching or playing, is increasing rapidly.

With so much scope developing in the field of sports, more and more youngsters are considering the possibility of building their careers in it. Whether soccer, cricket, basketball or any other sport you tend to select as your career, requires you to penetrate through the tough competition. You will face hundreds of other youngsters trying to make to the national team in the same way you are. The presence of so much competition entails a high level of dedication. Below are some factors that all present-day and potential sportsmen must consider to create a successful career:

Physical Health and Fitness

Your first and foremost aim should be maintaining your health. Playing sports at any level requires you to be physically fit and healthy. From kicking a football to catching a hard ball involves the action of your muscles. Some sports like weight-lifting needs your muscle to be highly influential. Other sports like marathon running demands continuous action hence high levels of endurance. Whatsoever sport you choose as your career will involve muscular movements. Your muscles must be in the best condition for perfect execution. The heart is also critical to your performance. It ensures that oxygenated blood reaches throughout your body that enables your muscle to perform efficiently. In order to improve all of the above aspects and maintain a successful career in sports, a balanced, healthy diet and exercises are mandatory. You will also have to consume extra nutrition supplements to ensure that sufficient amount of nutrients reach your body. There are several discount codes available on the web that will minimise the cost of supplements you buy.

Psychological Health

Your mental health is as much important as your physical health. A worn-out mind will not let your body exhibit your skills with maximum effect. Make sure you do not overburden your mind with the pressures involved in the sports’ field. Your mind should be as fit as your body to perform efficiently.

Strategic Thinking

Andrea Pirlo, a famous football player once said, “Football is played with the head. Your feet are just the tools.” Sports do not only involve physical activity, but your strategic thinking will help you excel the game. By anticipating moves of your opponent and improving the interaction levels with your team, your chance of winning will multiply.


If you want to build and maintain a successful career in sports, make sure you have a positive mindset with qualities like persistence, humility and dedication. Your mindset is instrumental to your success.


There is no use of selecting or continuing your career in sports if you are not good at it.

Ensure that you are passionate about the work you do and focus on enhancing your skills to the pinnacle.

Is an Online Degree in Game Design Right for Me?

Online degrees are a great fit for computer-based degrees like video game programming. As technology advances, online programs have become more and more common and more and more sophisticated. Taking a course online is more like taking a course in a brick-and-mortar school all the time. However, an online degree is not right for everyone. Think about some of these important considerations before deciding if you want to go down this road.


Working independently as a online learner means being your own task master. No one is going to tell you when to take care of your classwork, study, or work on projects. You have to figure out your own schedule for all these things and juggle them with your “real life” schedule.

When you go to a traditional school, you have a schedule to follow. You show up when they tell you to, interacting with the teacher and other students. You are forced into a pattern of behavior that (often) contributes to success. However, when you are learning online, you don’t get many of these interactions. Advances in the online learning platforms used to power online degrees are becoming more sophisticated, however, allowing for things like virtual classrooms, face-to-face meetings, and live chat.

Tech-Savvy Communicator

It goes without saying that you should be tech savvy if you want to make it in this field. In video game programming, your knowledge and skill with computers will be your bread and butter.

However, while you are still learning the ropes you may still be a little rusty. If you go to a brick-and-mortar school, then you know you can always approach your instructor or other students when you run into a software or hardware snag.

Working remotely in an online degree program, you need to rely on yourself to figure problems out as they arise. You need to be proficient and comfortable with communication online via email, chat messaging, and whatever other specialized electronic forms of communication the learning plaform may have (forums, Dropbox, etc.).


Many people turn to online degree programs because there are no schools in their local area that offer the programs they want. Video game programming schools are cropping up all over the country, usually under the umbrella of “technical art and design” schools or just general “computer schools.” Not all of these places are reputable, however.

If you’ve examined your local schools and none of them impress you or instill you with much faith, then turning to an online degree program for video game programming could be a smart move. When you are building a foundation for your future with an education like this, you need to know that your schools is going to give you the skills you need and not end up just a waste of time and money.

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Game Design Certificates and Degrees

Different types of video game design programs spring up all the time. There are bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, and even vocational certificates all designed to get you out there into the video game programming world as quickly as possible. Depending on what aspect of gaming you want to get into and what kind of experience and schedule you have, you could be in the field in as little as a few months.


Certificates are the most basic kind of video game design programs. They are fast-paced, stripped-down training courses that focus on giving you just the core skills you need to get into one specific area of video game programming.

You can typically get cursory visual design skills in about six months to a year, depending on how many hours a week you can go to class or study on your own if you decide to go the online route. Either way, these programs only give you trade skills and don’t waste time with general education stuff like English or math, so make sure that your core academic skills are strong before you enroll in one of these programs.

Two-Year Program

Two-years programs are becoming increasingly popular in this ever-changing economy. If you already have some programming or visual design experience, then a two-year video game design program could be right for you.

Much like a certificate program, these programs are aimed at getting you into the field as quickly as possible. There may be more general courses, like English, communication, and math, that could come in handy as you try to navigate the career ladder at your place of employment.

This kind of program is also a good stepping stone for further education down the line, which also increases your chances for promotion. If you have a little time and money to invest and don’t mind waiting a bit to get into the field, this could be the way for you to go.

Four-Year Program

This is the course that most video game designers take. Four-year video game design programs are structured like typical college degrees, whether you are earning it online or at a brick and mortar institution. Expect general education requirements and everything else that goes with a traditional college degree. Most programmers have four-year degrees (

This is the longest route to a job in video game design, but it is also the most comprehensive. You will absorb many different elements of video game design, programming, and even some graphic design, depending on what your exact major is.

You may also have time during your summer schedule to take part in an internship with a real video game design company. This can be a huge boost to your employability upon graduation. Work with your university to find a company to sponsor you.

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Tips for Success in Online Game Design Programs

Succeeding in your online game design program is a lot like succeeding in a successful video game campaign or MMORPG raid. You need to get set up, gear up, make a plan, and stick to it (while adapting to changing conditions when necessary). Don’t be a n00b – take your online game design program seriously and you’ll reap the rewards. Mess around and it’s game over.

Get in Early

So many people overlook the part. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a video game designer, then another few months or so isn’t going to make or break your whole life. Do yourself a favor: Take your time, do your homework, and get all your ducks in a row before you try to start classes. If it’s August now, don’t expect to be in class for September. Remember that he great thing about online game design programs is that they start all the time!

Register for a program that starts in a few months. Give yourself ample time to fill out financial aid paperwork, get old transcripts sent to the school (if necessary) and get all your books and stuff together (more on that below). You’ll be glad you did, and so will the good people who work at the school you’re registering at – new semesters are extremely stressful, and by starting early, you save them and yourself a lot of aggravation.

Get Your Gear

When you sign up for your online game design program you’ll be issued a list of materials to purchase. This includes books, software, and supplemental materials. Don’t wait.

You will not be able to begin classes without these things. The school usually has a bookstore of some kind set up to make it easier on you. You don’t necessarily need to use it (you can sometimes find less expensive options on or, but just make sure that the goods you get fit the bill. Use ISBNs to match items for the class. Make sure that books aren’t full of scribbles (pick “New” or “Like New,” when searching).

Pro tip: Don’t pirate software. It’s illegal. Sure you can get cracked versions with key generators that work just as good as the real thing, but if/when you run into problems with the software (updates, errors, etc.), you’ll be up a creek and might have to end up shelling out for the real thing anyway. Students can often get “student” versions of software (Adobe does this) for a discount (though sometimes with some capabilities removed or restricted).

Make a Plan

You have a life: job, friends, family, games to play (select all that apply). When you decide to go to school, take a hard look at all the ways your time is spent every week and how school will be a part of that. Remember that a typical college course requires three hours of study outside of class every week for every week spent in class.

In an online game design program you don’t have the luxury of “in class” time (though more sophisticated content-delivery systems are starting to include things like live video streams, PowerPoint-style slideshow presentations, and interactive chats), so you have to plan out all of your “classwork,” homework, and study time yourself.

If you have a full-time job, then you will  probably want to start with one or two courses as you get warmed up. Make sure to tell your friends, family, and boss about the new constraints on your time. Ask for scheduling changes as early as possible. Bosses are much more willing to make changes and concessions in advance, rather than after your performance starts to flag.

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Benefits Of Playing Indoor Football

Football never disappoints us. Every football fan has at least once in their childhood played the sport with a crumpled bottle. It is a game which evokes high spirits. Football is simply football.

Game has gone through numerous developments since its origin. One of the offshoots is indoor football, precisely futsal. It has its rules and regulations. Futsal is a whole new game in itself. It is an excellent way to train you in the off-season. will guide you through some aspects of the sport however below are some of the benefits listed:

  • Excitement

Whether it be football or futsal, the game is always exciting. However, futsal is a faster game. There are lesser breaks in the play, and due to the small size of the court, many scoring opportunities are making the game more exciting for players as well as the spectators. With more positional shifting and game dominantly based on short passes, the synchronisation between players looks beautiful, enhancing the experience of the participants. The half time duration is lesser than outdoor football making spectators not lose interest. Due to the unpredictability factor, the game always remains impressive.

  • Understanding the game better

Football may look easy, but believe me, it is not. Very few people understand the subtleties involved in the game and being a maestro in it requires utmost dedication in terms of time and effort. One’s game can be thoroughly improved by playing futsal. Due to the confined space of the court, the game remains uninterrupted. To play the game efficiently, you have to be vigilant throughout. You may get the ball any moment which is why the game requires activeness. Other than that, the game will enhance your short passing skills. The ability to figure out gaps is what required the most in football. Playing futsal will stimulate this ability.

  • Skill development

Indoor soccer provides players more opportunities to develop their abilities like dribbling, passing, shooting and ball control as each player gets more time with the ball compared to football. Due to confined space, your skills put into action must be precisely done for proper execution or the opponent will get the ball. This will help you to perfect your skills.

  • Improves teamwork

Futsal is a team game. With the confinement of area, you need to create as many breaches to score goals which can only be done through teamwork. Co-ordination in this game often counts more than individual performances. On the outset, it seems just a sport, but deep inside the sport has created many friendships.

  • Health Benefits

You regularly run in futsal. Consistent activity helps you to develop maximum physical fitness. You can generate more stamina, speed and endurance. It is simply the complete package of fitness.

  • It is indoor

As it sounds, the sport is indoor. It does not matter whether the climate is extra windy or rainy; if you are in a mood to play football go ahead. Without any hindrances posed, you can enjoy the sport anytime any day.

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Puzzle Games: The Best games One Can Play

Smartphones and computers have become an important part of human life in the 21st Century. These are the devices that have connected the world. Arguably, the can be said to be the best inventions ever made. Not only have they made our lives easier but have also made life interesting through entertainment offered through them. Computerized puzzle games are such entertainment that we enjoy through them. Puzzle games are some of the best games one can play to pass time and also entertain oneself after a long busy day.

 In 2017, these games have become better! Let us take a closer look at the best puzzle games in 2017.

The Monument valley

Are you looking for a puzzle game that will make you feel as if you are interacting with a fictional and magical world? Well, this puzzle game perfectly suit you. This is a game that you will always enjoy building a beautiful land through what could be termed as complicated architecture.


This is an elegant game that is challenging yet simple. The game contains a canvas of complex color and sound where you need to match complicated patterns. If you love fun, then try this one!

Alphabear Puzzle Game

This is undoubtedly one of the best word puzzle where you spell words by selecting letters displayed on a grid. A combination of letters and bears also makes this games more interesting. When you win, you permanently keep the bears adjacent to the word. Surely, this is what entertainment is all about.

  This game will not only entertain you but educate you on the need to have best friends. Play it and have adventure as you and your puzzle friends beat the slugs and their families!


Triple Town

It is undoubtedly the best puzzle game you can play. Ever imagined building an amazing modern city with trees and houses? This is the ideal puzzle game for you. If you love amazing puzzle games, download word puzzle games at and have the fun you desire.

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Nintendo Switch Giveaway

For almost every Nintendo fan, the news of a new Nintendo console was not a good idea after the lackluster sales of the Wii...