Puzzle Games: The Best games One Can Play

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Smartphones and computers have become an important part of human life in the 21st Century. These are the devices that have connected the world. Arguably, the can be said to be the best inventions ever made. Not only have they made our lives easier but have also made life interesting through entertainment offered through them. Computerized puzzle games are such entertainment that we enjoy through them. Puzzle games are some of the best games one can play to pass time and also entertain oneself after a long busy day.

 In 2017, these games have become better! Let us take a closer look at the best puzzle games in 2017.

The Monument valley

Are you looking for a puzzle game that will make you feel as if you are interacting with a fictional and magical world? Well, this puzzle game perfectly suit you. This is a game that you will always enjoy building a beautiful land through what could be termed as complicated architecture.


This is an elegant game that is challenging yet simple. The game contains a canvas of complex color and sound where you need to match complicated patterns. If you love fun, then try this one!

Alphabear Puzzle Game

This is undoubtedly one of the best word puzzle where you spell words by selecting letters displayed on a grid. A combination of letters and bears also makes this games more interesting. When you win, you permanently keep the bears adjacent to the word. Surely, this is what entertainment is all about.

  This game will not only entertain you but educate you on the need to have best friends. Play it and have adventure as you and your puzzle friends beat the slugs and their families!


Triple Town

It is undoubtedly the best puzzle game you can play. Ever imagined building an amazing modern city with trees and houses? This is the ideal puzzle game for you. If you love amazing puzzle games, download word puzzle games at muchgames.com and have the fun you desire.

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